ESSENTIAL edition Launch Event - 2018

Phoenix Contact India organized a Product Portfolio Launch event for its Essential edition product line at four different regions i.e Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad & Bengaluru. Presentations and information were given to dealers and customers on different product lines of the ESSENTIAL edition with the message of Excellent Quality & Optimum features.

Omron Product Updates: Optical Fiber Sensor

With high light intensity and precision, this amplifier sensor is capable of stable detection in dusty, oily environments or of minutes object.
Setting on E3X-SD has never been easier! This amplifier comes with large setting buttons which compliment its' 'One-key One-function' feature that provides quick, easy operation to a broad range of sensing applications.

Are you concerned about the safety of your machinery?

No worries! Omron's F3SJ-A Safety Light Curtain will satisfy your safety needs, setting a new benchmark in light curtain technology.
The F3SJ-A's slim line design with customisability, expandability and simple installation make Omron's light curtain the ideal safety solution. Available in four different models - finger, hand, hand/arm, or leg/body protection model, you can select the ideal type to best suit your application.