The Product

"JOINTMASK" heat shrinkable termination & joints offer unsurpassed technical superiority for perfect terminating & jointing of most modern PVC/PILC/XLPE/EPR low and medium range power cable upto 66KV class. Utilizing state of the art polymer manufacturing technology, "JOINTMASK" range of power cable accessories provide excellent protection against tracking, corone discharge (electrical stress) & dielectric stress, "JOINTMASK" kits exhibit the ability to effectively function under the most stringent operating conditions for at least the life of the cable on worldwide scenario. "JOINTMASK" systems not only offer a technically better solution, but are designed to ensure that they are environment & user friendly.

JOINTMASK heat shrink-technology

Heat Shrinkable Terminology shall apply to extruded and molded polymeric materials, which have the shape "Memory" effect. This effect makes the material to shrink back to its original shape and profile on application of heat more than its crystalline temperature.

The people & innovation

The team of experts at Master Electrical has over 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Heat shrink fittings for LV and Medium Voltage Joints and termination kits. This experience and expertise enables us to utilize a proven process and the latest product technology. The R&D is a never ending process at Master Electrical which is the main reason that "JOINTMASK" is rated as the Leader in Power cable accessories.


Heat Shrink Product Catalogue



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